My name is “Aisling” which is gaelic and is pronounced “Ashling”

MUSICVisions provides clients with professional celtic, folk and traditional musicians and bands for every occasion. I have created Celtic MUSICVisions to represent the musicians and bands I perform with and promote. Musicians can be hired solo, duo , trio and in full band arrangements.

I love to organize, coordinate and promote musical entertainment for all kinds of special events , including concerts, parties, festivals, workshops, ceilis, barn dances and weddings.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland where I visit several times a year. I have always had a great love for Irish music and love to play tin whistle, bodhran and sing . On frequent visits to Ireland I enjoy going to Irish music festivals, and performing and playing in pub sessions with musician friends and family.

I enjoy organizing and coordinating musical events as much as I enjoy playing music.The creation of MUSICVisions marks the beginning of bringing my music visions to life. If you are looking for the right music for your special occasion, I would be happy to help you . Please contact me and together we can explore your options.

These days I’m a full time member of the Kelly Girls although I occasionally collaborate with fellow musicians from other bands I have played with or booked over the years. I am always happy to recommend and refer you along to my friends who are some of the best Celtic musicians in the Boston area.